Frequently Asked Questions?

Most frequently asked questions

  • Can’t find your download code?

    If you can’t find your download code, please check your mailbox (including your junk mail) for an email from our Railcard team. If you still can’t find the email, you will need to return to the website where you bought the Railcard, log into your account and follow the links to request a new code.

    Click here for a step by step on how to find your download code.

  • What is this download code that I need?

    The download code allows you to add a purchased Railcard to the Railcard app. The download code is found within the email confirmation you would have received after we have approved your Railcard application.

    Click here for more information on download codes and managing your Railcard

  • Why doesn’t my download code work

    If your download code isn’t working, it is likely that it has expired or has been used to activate your Railcard on too many devices. You will need to return to the website where you bought your Railcard, log into your account and request a new download code or manage the number of devices your Railcard is on. If the problem persists, please contact the customer services team.

    Click here for a step by step on how to generate a new download code.

  • I haven't received my download code yet

    At times, due to high demand, receiving your code might take longer than usual. It can take up for 30min to arrive.

    If that happens, log in to your account and go to 'Manage Railcard' where you will be able to see your code.

    If you are still having issues with your code, please contact us or call 0346 301 1656.

    Click here for a step by step on how to generate a new download code.

  • How do I add a Railcard?

    If you have already purchased a digital Railcard, you should have received an email which contains a download code. Once you've got this code, go to the app, tap on the ‘+’ button in the top left of the screen and enter your code. Alternatively, if you already have the app downloaded, you can open the email on the device you wish to add your Railcard to, just tap the link and we’ll handle the rest. 

    Click here for a step by step on how to add a digital Railcard to your phone.

  • What happens if I lose my phone?

    In the unfortunate scenario where you lose your device, you can simply add your digital Railcard to a new device. If your Railcard is already associated to two devices, please log in to your account and you will find an option to Manage your devices for any active Railcards you own. Simply select the device you want to remove. Once you have done this you will be able to add your Railcard to a new device.

  • What happens if I don’t have reception or I am offline?

    Railcard are available offline for a period of up to 72 hours. The Railcard app on your device will continue to show your digital Railcard as long as your mobile device has connected to the internet at some point within the last 72 hours. However, you will need an internet connection to buy your digital Railcard or add it to a new device.

  • How do I unblock my Railcard?

    You will need to contact our customer support team on 0345 301 1656  so that we can better understand the activity that has caused your Veteran Railcard to be blocked.

    If appropriate, they will be able to unblock your Veteran Railcard for further use. 

  • I couldn’t show my Railcard on a journey and have been issued a full fare! What can I do?

    Unfortunate things happen. We’re all guilty of running out of battery, leaving our phones at home or smashing screens. Thankfully, if you get caught out while travelling with a valid Railcard, you can make one claim a year, to be compensated for a penalty you’ve incurred. To do this, you will need to visit the website for the train company who issued you the penalty and contact their customer service centre.

    For a list of all train companies in Great Britain and their contact details, please click here >>


  • Can I have a plastic and digital version of my Railcard?

    Unfortunately, you can only have one version of your Railcard – either plastic or digital. Once you have purchased your Railcard you cannot change the type of Railcard you have.

  • How quickly will I get my new card?

    It can take up to 5 working days to process your application but once approved your digital Railcard will be available to download and use straight away.

  • Is my phone compatible for a digital Railcard?

    The Railcard App is available to download from the Apple Store and the Google Play store.

    The App is only compatible with devices that have the following software: Apple iOS 10 and above and Android 4.1 and above.

    The Railcard app is not compatible with Windows Phones.

  • Why can I not add my Railcard to more than two devices?

    You can load your Railcard onto a maximum of two devices at any point in time. This benefit is only available to digital Railcard holders as you can only ever have one plastic Railcard. If you want to move your digital Railcard onto a third device, you will need to remove one of your existing devices through the website where you bought your Railcard before you can add it to another device.

  • How can I remove my Railcard from an existing device?

    To remove your Railcard from an existing device you will need to login to your account and find the option to manage your Veterans Railcard.

    Then just choose the device you want to remove your card from.

  • I wear a burka or a niqab – will I have to show my face in the photograph?

    All customers must provide a photograph. The photo should have been taken with nothing covering the outline of eyes, nose or mouth. The rail industry applies the same rules as the DVLA and Passport Agency, so photos with a person wearing a full facial burka / niqab (a veil that covers the face) are not acceptable. If a member of rail staff is unable to validate that the person on your Railcard is you, the Train Companies reserve the right to charge you the full price Standard Single fare for your journey as if no ticket was purchased before starting the journey and in some cases a Penalty Fare.

  • Can I use my card on the date of expiry?
    A: Yes. Your Railcard is valid up until and including the date shown on your Railcard.

  • What happens if I have no battery or can’t show my Railcard?

    If you don’t have any battery or have forgotten your phone, unfortunately there will be no way for us to prove that you are eligible for the Railcard discount. As a result, the Train Companies reserve the right to charge you the full price Standard Single fare for your journey, as if no ticket was purchased before starting the journey and in some cases a Penalty Fare

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Train Companies

If you have any questions concerning rail ticket prices or journey planning National Rail Enquiries will be happy to help you.

If you have any comments about a specific rail journey please contact the train company that provides the service. To find their contact details see the list of Train Operating Companies